Kylie Named HIGHEST PAID Celeb By Forbes

And just days after Forbes called out Kylie Jenner for faking her billionaire status,now they’re gone ahead and crowned her as the highest-paid celeb on their list of the world’s top-earning stars. So let me get this straight. Kylie was just dragged by Forbes for ,“youngest self-made billionaire”, and literally what seemed like the next week she was praised by Forbes for being the highest-paid celebrities of 2020.Well you heard right!, Forbes Magazine came out with their annual list of the 100 top-earning celebrities from,the year, and after they called out Kylie for allegedly forging her taxes and actually not making a billion dollars, she’s still sittin’ pretty at the top of the list.

Kylie Jenner

Although the magazine still stands firm on the fact that Kylie is, in fact still NOT a billionaire, they shared a video to Instagram
showing the highest-paid celebrities from the entire decade.,Kylie Jenner made her way onto the list back in 2017, ultimately jumping to the top spot in 2018, raking in $170 million. then securing her spot on the list again in 2019 and 2020.capping off at $590 million!, Many fans commented on Forbes’ video, trolling the magazine for its shocking remarks about Kylie earlier this week .As many of you might already know this list comes just days after Forbes released an entire article titled, “Inside Kylie Jenner’s Web of Lies — And Why She’s No Longer a Billionaire”.

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