Valorant Review – Next great shooter?

What’s up everyone’s .thank you for stopping by and checking out my initial review of Riot Games competitive shooter the Valorant for PC. This is riots first entering with a competitive FPS space and they brought a lot of new ideas an interesting content to the table. This game is free-to-play and it’s using the same battle pass business model of many games in the modern market space today. If you’re at all curious about this title don’t sleep on it .you should definitely give it a try. now if this is your first time stopping by for one of my reviews let me start by saying this all my game reviews are done from a critically honest perspective. I feel like you shouldn’t have to force yourself or try to convince yourself to have fun with something .

Can Riot Games take over the competitive shooter space with this? Will this be the next big free-to-play release that everyone flocks to? I think the answer is a resounding yes. I think they have an absolute gem and a winner on their hands with this title .you can tell there was just so much love and effort put into this game.

Valorant is a game that feels like it’s made by gamers for gamers. Everything in this game is just dripping,with style and it’s detail and it feels, so purposeful and it’s not out of place. I asked loved everything they did here,from the well designed UI to the character models to the graphics to the amazing sound and voice overs. This is what happens when a developer takes the proper time and effort to work and rework their idea to create a brand new IP and not try and rush something out,the door .

This title is what would happen a counter-strike an overwatch had a baby.It has echos of both of these games but it feels incredibly new and fresh at the same time . There’s the perfect amount of familiarity here with this .without it feeling like a ripoff of either title and it’s super fresh. I could go on and on about how much I’m enjoying this .but let’s get into some details .

Some more details about Valorant

So this is a 5v5 hero based shooter. It has superb presentation and excellent gunplay,mechanics .and when I say excellent I mean it.the weapons and movement in this game feel truly amazing. every trigger squeeze,feels just right .every kill is so,satisfying and because of that it’s super addictive .so when you first load,up the game they get you off and running nicely with a very well designed training tutorial. it’s for fun informative at the same time .it made this title very approachable.I feel newcomers can just hop right in get a feel for it and they can pick it up and understand just enough to get in and start shredding.

Now one thing that surprised me at first though was there was no Run button. the left shift was actually a walk button. I was thinking to myself what game doesn’t have a run button nowadays. how would they miss this! I didn’t get it at first but after playing a real match I totally understood why .This is not Call of Duty.nor is it trying to be .This is a tactical twit shooter and the Run button does not belong here it would be completely out of place the matches move exactly at the pace that developers intend .so speaking of what a matches a match consists of several rounds and you get to play on each side attackers and defenders. just like Counter Strike .

The complete match takes about 20 minutes and it’s a perfect length .you can really get into a flow and get a fun vibe going.there’s also a faster mode called spike rush which gives you randomized weapons and has less rounds. but I prefer the regular mode .now you got your choice of many characters and all of them have their own unique set of skills and supers which brings a lot of depth and variety to the gameplay .this should be very familiar to anyone that plays overwatch or apex legends .

valorant review

What about Graphics?

so let’s talk about graphics and performance for a sec .this title is beautiful in its style and cartoon design .what is being shown here is running on the highest settings but I think this would run on most graphics cards of varying levels fairly well due to the design and art style they chose to go with here .now this title features a free and a paid battle pass with the free portion giving to free agent unlocks and the paid battle pass has many cosmetic items and currency unlocks similar to Fortnight and other games featuring this type of monetization system . now apart from earning more currency to buy more characters I don’t see the need for the paid portion of the battle pass yet to me .but I love this game so much I’m probably gonna actually get it now.

Another cool thing I noticed was the mini-map. they did a nice job on the design of it because you can see which direction and areas your allies have eyes on.a subtle feature but I think it added to my gameplay strategy and it was a nice touch .I can see a lot of people are gonna gravitate towards this title and it’s gonna be very popular. I plan to spend a significant amount of time playing this now. I’m just getting started here and I’m having so much fun with it .I can see this is having a great amount of lasting appeal to me.if you’re looking for a fresh take on the multiplayer shooter genre this is a great option and I bet you’re gonna get sucked in just like I did .

Now especially with this being free-to-play there’s no reason you shouldn’t try this .so for my fun or not recommendation this is a highly recommended title and it definitely feels the fun gauge and I can’t say enough good things about if you played this and have anything to say about it. let me know in the comments I’d love to hear.

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