Who Wins: Harry Potter, Twilight or the Hunger Games?

The three biggest fantasy films of the decade have to be Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games. Each film has their fans who would suggest that the one is better than the other. Some people have very strong opinions about each movie saying that they are either the BEST movie/series they have ever seen or the WORST movie that has ever came out.

Maybe you can make a decision based on the following facts:

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the oldest of the series, so it will have an advantage over the other two movies. Harry Potter’s character was thought out by the author J.K Rowling. The first book came out in 1997 and made the New York Times best selling list in 1999. The series has sold over 400 million books across the world, and the movie has grossed 7.7 billion, the total brand worth is 15 billion which comes from merchandise and DVD’s. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows sold 11 million copies on the first day it went on sale, making history for the fastest book sold. On the Flesch Reading Ease index Harry Potter scored 85, meaning it was easy and safe for 10 year old to read, making it popular among all age groups from as young as ten. Harry Potter did receive a lot of negative press from religious societies, saying that they are leading young people into satanism. Overall Harry Potter took fourteen years to reach its great success, where the other two films literally took a few years. An interesting fact is the Emma Watson, who plays hermione in the film is worth 43 million, the most out of all the actors.

The Hunger Games

The hunger Games is the newest film on the block that has made headlines around the world and was trending on twitter during the movie premier. So far they sold 3.5 million books worldwide and reached the third highest grossing movie in its first week by making 152.5 million but beat all the Twilight movies opening days. Although the movie made a number of records, such as the highest grossing midnight and first day non-sequal. The Hunger Games audience is predominately over the age of 25. They say the message behind The Hunger Games is one that everyone can relate to, with very relevant themes coming through, such as war, environment, violence and entertainment.


Twilight is four part series that has been extremely popular among the tween demographic. Stephanie Meyers books have sold 100 million world wide and the movies have made 1.3 billion to date. Twilight is the highest grossing film by a female director, making 239 million. Forbes has named Stephanie Meyer as the 59th most powerful celebrity in 2012 because of her books success in such a short period. The Twilight series is mainly about the intense love triangle, which in many cases cause people to either love or hate the films. Especially for men, who might be able to relate to as much as women do.


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